With experience and success with projects all over the world, we’ve got you covered when it comes to tactical gear, logistic services, turnkey projects, and emergency crisis solution programs.

About Us

Gobila Global llc. is an international company engaged in the marketing of products for the private industry and for government defense institutions.

The company's personnel is comprised of professionals who specialize in the characterization of tactical gear products tailored to the customer's needs. We adapt the product, including all of its components and the manner in which it is used, to the customer's specifications.

With experience and success with projects all over the world, Gobila Global llc offers a wide range of logistic services together with turnkey project, and a special Emergency Crisis Solution Program.

Our team of specialists offers professional and customized solutions with the highest standards, and will be at your service to learn your needs and adjust our services to your fully satisfaction.

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Our services

Logistic Solutions
Our company provides a wide range of logistic solutions for security companies, law enforcements, governments, medical and civil industries.

We will supply your ground support equipment, water treatment, defense and transportation needs.
Turnkey Projects
Our company offers efficient and creative turnkey solutions through a unique service of consulting and training.

We give a great value for our clients. They have a competent partner able to identify the best products for their project and the ease of having a single point of contact that looks after orders, installation, personnel training and after-sales service.
Emergency Crisis Solution Program
Emergency situation can occur without any earlier notice or signs, such as: earthquakes, storms, floods, terrorist attacks, wars..
Effective, sustainable emergency preparedness and planning is the base for every successful emergency situation operation.
Our company specializes with strategic solutions for emergency crisis situation, as well operating and training the teams to act on real time. Our specialists will customize the best program and solution according to the terms, experience and requirements of the client.
Readiness should applied with both equipment and training.
Gobila Global llc is constantly involved in the development of new products with its suppliers, while identifying the needs of the market and its customers. Our leading motto is excellence, safety and quality. All products and training programs may be modified according to the specific needs and unique specifications of each and every customer.

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